You Have A Vision And A Purpose Class of 2020. How Will You Leave Your Mark?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve missed sharing my favorite fashion trends and sharing some of my life experiences. This year has been one long roller-coaster ride. So much has happened during the biggest milestone of my high school journey. I was officially a member of the class of 2020. My senior year was off to a great start. Things began in the fall of 2019. But prior to the official start of fall, I had previously taken tours of colleges the spring break of my junior year. My early action college applications were all submitted and I was anxiously waiting for emails and letters with my college admission decisions. This was the beginning of so many plans I had meticulously designed to successfully navigate the goals I wanted to accomplish my last year of high school. I never envisioned that so many of those plans would be stolen away from me. Americans and countries worldwide, our lives and circumstances were being dictated by circumstances no one could control. College/high school seniors’ plans would abruptly change. We were robbed by a thief that came to kill, rob and destroy. COVID-19 is the robber that has invaded homes, hospitals, jobs and lives. Where do we go from here?

As a senior, I was devastated to know that I wouldn’t be able to do all the enriching activities that are a part of the senior traditions: graduation, senior prom, senior recital, college tours, etc. On that day when it was announced schools would be closed for the rest of the year, I knew every single senior felt like their world was being held hostage. Although this is a tragic time for everyone, I want to encourage all seniors that this crazy ride will end. Roller-coasters are a pathway of ups and downs, twists and turns, and loops upon loops. We have survived all of the highs and lows that our twelve year journey has taken us on. Our ride isn’t over yet. As I try to cope with the effects of this pandemic on my life, I’m lifted up by the memories I was able to make in only a few months and also look forward to the ones I can still create amidst this crisis. I have done a series of things to keep my spirits high and make me excited about getting up in the mornings. I want to share some of my tips with you guys on how to remain motivated and finish your senior year strong.

Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney Class of 2020

It can be difficult to be motivated when we are primarily stuck in one place and have no particular plan in mind. However, my recommendation is to set a weekly plan for yourself. I have been using a whiteboard that’s divided into a weekly calendar and it’s the perfect way for me to stay on track as well as reflect on what I accomplished. What’s most important is to find a way to make each day something to look forward to. Whether it’s color coding a planning board or making bold and unique fonts, an eye-catching display of your weekly challenges will allow the process to be more enjoyable. Once you have a concrete idea on what learning-related activities you want to do on certain days, try to come up with some leisure activities in your schedule that will help take your mind off the craziness going on right now. For me, I have found true freedom through writing, drawing, and cooking new recipes, etc. These moments are a great way to release some of the negative energy I feel towards this entire situation. I have enjoyed being able to do the things I love by myself as well as with my family. During this brief school year, I’ve realized that my family and I really didn’t have much leisure time to spend with each other. I find it rather refreshing that I have the opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with my parents. Just taking the simple steps to plan out my days, I feel inspired and excited to discover what the next few months hold for me. This is only the beginning of making the last few months of my senior year worthwhile.

Social media has been a driving force of communication between people more than ever. I say now is the perfect time to use your social media platforms to your advantage. I knew that all the seniors were in a slump about their senior year being cut so short so I decided to start a new hashtag as a way to rally all high school and college seniors together. #OurSeniorYearbook was something I wanted to promote on my social media page as many seniors wished they had more material to include in their school’s yearbooks this year. We may not have pictures from prom or graduation but I know that we have so many amazing pictures that we’ve created with our family and friends over the years. Feature images from your favorite college tours to your favorite time out with your friends. The ultimate goal is to make yourself and other seniors feel like they are not alone and that we’re all here to support each other because our images tell our stories.

It’s important to take time each day to tell the ones you care about how much you love them. In moments like these, we truly appreciate the little things in life and learn the importance of treasuring every moment we have. I think everyone is used to being so busy that it’s strange to have so much time on our hands. I’m encouraging everyone to use this time to our advantage and truly take some time to reflect on ourselves. I know for me that I have appreciated spending more time doing the things I love and reflecting on how I can improve myself as a person. I believe all of us will grow into stronger human beings after this and I hope we will develop such unity as a nation after this crisis blows over.

Dear Class of 2020,

We have already missed out on so many memories and most of them we will never be able to relive. It seems like our senior year is being “taken away” from us but I challenge each of you to rise above the current circumstances and create images, videos and art that will be “our senior yearbook.” It’s Spring Senior Season and traditionally we would be scheduling our photoshoots. Unfortunately, we may not get this opportunity. If you are a #photographer #digitalartist #graphicdesigner #painter or other artist PLEASE offer your services to the class of 2020 by supporting them with special sessions or scholarships. #supporttheclassof2020

SENIORS take out your cameras and get creative. I would love to see all of the unique perspectives on what your yearbook photos would look like. Photoshop your friends into your designs or tell a unique story with a video. There are so many ways that we can still capture the time we have left.

#oursenioryearbook #my2020senioryearbookphoto #classof2020 #oursenioryearmatters

Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney

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