When You Wish Upon A Christmas Star

If you only had ten Christmas wishes, what would you wish for? Would you ask for that killer video game set that you’ve waited for your whole life? Or, go on a full-out shopping spree and get all the shoes you can buy? Not only would I wish for material things, but I would wish for the simple things that I think the world needs right now.

My first wish would be makeup and more makeup. I really enjoy trying out new cosmetic lines and I can never have too much beauty enhancing products. Specifically, I would love some of the Disney ColourPop limited edition makeup because I’ve been waiting for an idea like this to come out for a long time. I want to purchase as much of the collection as possible before it disappears.

My second wish would be a plethora of clothes. I absolutely love receiving new clothes during the holidays. Having some new outfits helps boost my confidence and gets me excited about starting a brand-new year. Reorganizing my wardrobe definitely sets the stage for me to put plans in motion that will aid me in reaching my personal and professional goals.  Styling for success can make a tremendous difference when I am auditioning for a role or looking to impress the college admissions board at my top choice colleges.

Although I love designer clothing, I also appreciate rocking a more economically-friendly look. Some of my favorite designers, like Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson can rip a hole in your wallet. However, if the material and structure are intact, a least expensive outfit can turn into a show-stopper. I’ve found many high-end pieces in economically-friendly stores, like Ross and Marshall’s. Like my Mom always says, you never know what type of treasures you may find in the most unexpected places. For instance, I went into a consignment store in hopes of finding a cozy faux fur jacket without breaking the bank. To my surprise, all the coats had been marked down further and I happened to find a Michael Kors one that fit me like a glove. Therefore, on many occasions I’ve fulfilled my desire to wear high-end outfits just from going to one of these least expensive stores.

And of course, gift cards are always a plus. It can either be a gift card from one of my favorite restaurants or stores. There’s nothing like receiving a gift card and feeling the excitement of going to all your favorite places to buy something special. This is also a great alternative to buying a physical gift because then the receiver can buy whatever they want with their gift cards. I would be so grateful if someone gave me a gift card to Panera Bread because it shows me that they truly understand what brings joy to my soul. I always enjoy Panera’s Pick Two combination meal options.

Lots of books would also be something that I would wish for. Literature is a fantastic way to relax during the holidays and I enjoy reading various books while traveling or peacefully sitting in my room. I especially love mystery and fantasy books, however, I’m versatile in my genre choices. If the novel has a strong storyline, then I can really delve into the book. I remember one special Christmas my mom created a basket of books for me to enjoy during the holidays and beyond. Each novel took me on a magical adventure and they were so indulging that I didn’t want to stop reading. My mom had to temporarily pause my reading flow so that I would go to bed.

The last material wish I would make is some more drawing supplies. Recently, I’ve really gotten into drawing and I want to get stronger in my drawing skills. To receive the desired texture and detail I want, I need certain tools. This includes sketching paper, sketching pencils for extra precision, and highly pigmented colored pencils. Drawing truly excites me because I love bringing my dreams and characters to life through art. However, my creations would really pop if I had the appropriate tools.

Material gifts have their benefits but it’s the non-material things that makes Christmastime special. If you only have gifts and they disappeared from under the tree, what would you have? Presents don’t have any meaning unless you can share them with someone else. Therefore, my first non-material wish would be that every family gets together for Christmas. Oftentimes, families don’t have the opportunity to share the holidays together or they may neglect spending time with their family due to other obligations. Work and other responsibilities shouldn’t hinder anyone from coming home for the holidays. My brother joined the military two years ago and I have been very fortunate to be able to celebrate the holidays with him. For all families around the world, I pray that they are surrounded by the ones they love this Christmas just like I am every year. If this wish came true, Christmas would become a very joyful time for everyone.

My seventh wish would be that every individual has a roof over their head during the holidays. I know a few of my friends that have financial struggles in their Families and potentially are at risk of losing their homes. I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose the only home you know just before the holidays. Many people are homeless and hungry during this festive time and many are struggling to live another day. But in the spirit of Christmas, we should shelter and food for those who are less fortunate.  Near a shopping center, I saw this despaired mother near the entrance with her two hungry children. She eagerly waited for cars to come to a halt in hopes of good Samaritans providing charity for her poor family.  Imagine if those were your children shivering in the cold trying to get money for their next meal. I don’t want any family to suffer during the festive season or at anytime that’s why I think this wish has more value than any of my material wishes.

My eighth wish would be for glittering, falling snowflakes on Christmas Day. I’ve always dreamed that little snowflakes would gently cover the earth and remind us of the magic of Christmas. I can recall a Christmas where my neighborhood was an icy wonderland. I have many fond memories of making snowballs and snow angels. I believe that my most memorable moments came from playing in the snow with my family. I think everyone should be able to experience this on Christmas because it makes the day even more magical.

I would also wish for no drama during the holiday. Nothing ruins the mood of Christmas more than nasty attitudes. Sometimes, certain situations frustrated me during the festive season and the holidays weren’t as exciting because I was completely occupied with the negative energy. However, I hope that every year Christmas becomes stress free and I can just enjoy my family and friends.

Finally, I wish that everyone’s Christmas is simply full of love and happiness. Merry Christmas, everyone! And Have a Happy New Year!

Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney

I love sharing my love of life and fashion by writing my stories about life experiences and my favorite trending styles.

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