My Letter to Miss Corona

At this point in time, everyone is fed up with the Coronavirus and I wanted to write my own personal message to Miss Corona, better known as Rona.

Dear Rona,

I’m not typically the one to confront intense situations, but you have crossed the line. You have been all up in my business and it’s about due time that you get out of my life. If you thought that you were simply allowed in my house, I’m sorry for the confusion. Truthfully, I never wanted you here. I didn’t ask you to use up all my toilet paper or eat up all my food. Then you have the nerve to follow me around wherever I go. I can’t go to the hair salon, the grocery store, or even the bathroom in peace because you end up being everywhere! Ever since you took over my house, my plans have been put on hold. I was going to have the graduation I’ve always dreamed of and make memories at my senior prom but YOU ruined it for me.

Across the world, you have been the uninvited guest that would not leave. To make the situation worse, you somehow brainwashed people into thinking that they needed to buy loads of toilet paper, masks, etc. Now we have seen a severe shortage in essential products and you have harmed/killed more people than I can count. Not only have you limited where we can go, but you have been breaking hearts and inciting constant fear about leaving the house. How dare you show up uninvited and overstay your welcome. Rona, It’s Time for You to Go!

High school and college seniors everywhere are coming up with unique ways to host their own proms and graduations

You may be laughing reading this letter thinking you’ve won this battle, but the jokes on you because there’s more than one way to win a war. Yes, since you’ve come along, we’ve been fearful, but fear is temporary. Guess what? High school and college seniors everywhere are coming up with unique ways to host their own proms and graduations. People are making their own 3-D printed face mask shields as well as sewing masks for others that need them. Committed individuals are continuing to host food drives for those who are struggling to get the resources they need. We are achieving all these wonderful initiatives while being conscious of how to keep you, Rona, at bay.

You thought you could keep me from achieving my goals. But, maybe nobody told you this, humans are quite clever. You thought you could stop us from hanging out with our friends, getting materials that we needed, and overall shutdown our lives. Well, I have news for you. Humans have the magic of technology and creativity that have turned your unwelcome visit into a positive. During your stay at my house, you have forced me to think of ways to improve myself and continue to live my happiest and most productive life. So, without even knowing it, you’ve actually helped me rather than hurt me.

Yes, I am disheartened that the things I was planning to do before your “grand arrival” were put to a halt. But like it or not, I have moved on from your control. I’m focused on bettering myself and reflecting on what I can do to make the best of my quarantine. When you first came along Rona, you seemed to take over a huge part of my life. But now, you have turned into the little speck of a virus you once were. I don’t know where you came from or why you decided to come to my doorstep, but I have things to look forward to, things to accomplish, and I’ve simply come too far to let your unsolicited presence take that away from me.

Miss Coronavirus it is time for you to leave. You are an uninvited guest in our homes and no one is enjoying your company. Can you please leave now?

Already across the world, many have seen past your disguise. You tried to frighten us and desperately tried to tear us down, and we refused. Businesses are already beginning to reopen while keeping in mind ways to social distance. You’ve been around way too long and you’ve left quite a scar on this nation which I think will take a long time for us to recover from. But I know that with time, we will bounce back from the damage you left behind. Rona, you’re not the first crisis that has hit our country. Just like many other world calamities before you, we simply will rise up stronger than before.

It’s crazy that in the beginning, you had us tweeting #StayHome. But now we’re retweeting #We’reTogetherAlthoughWe’reApart. Never before have I been so resilient to continue on a path of success despite the adversities against me. And I think that is the mindset the whole world is in right now; to persevere and support one another. I’m exceeding in all my academic achievements and still connecting with the people I care about, although we’re miles apart. The truth is, you can’t lock me up forever; my new academic home is expecting me miles away from you. So, with that being said, I’m serving you this official eviction notice. Effective immediately, I’m officially kicking you out, Rona, you can leave now! Nice try, but all bugs eventually die.

Gabrielle “Bri” Pinkney

Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney

I love sharing my love of life and fashion by writing my stories about life experiences and my favorite trending styles.

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