Falling In Love With The 2020 Autumn Fashion

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Everyone whip on your scarves and get your morning PSL’s because fall is swiftly approaching. I have to say that fall is one of my favorite seasons to get dressed up for. There are so many possibilities to accessorize with scarves, hats, etc.; so many opportunities to “spice” up your looks. However, there are a few trends for this year that I’m really excited about.

  1. Metallics

I absolutely love the texture and shine I get from wearing metallics. And I must say, there’s nothing more satisfying than walking outside on a beautiful fall morning and your metallic accent shining in the sunlight. Metallics are truly versatile and can be applied to any part of your outfit. Even if add a subtle touch of metallic, it will still give your look a little bit of grunge and edge. Try adding a metallic piece with your favorite jeans and a graphic long sleeve T-shirt to achieve an urban flair. You could also create a dressier look with a clean, long sleeve jumpsuit and a metallic blazer for pop. Whether it’s in the form of pants or a jacket, or even within your accessories, you will definitely “outshine” the rest of the crowd.

2. Preppy Look

I have always loved a preppy inspired look; I especially think it’s perfect for the fall season. The combination of prints and clean lines you achieve in a preppy look are truly attractive. While I love the typical plaid skirt with a classic turtleneck for my preppy looks, I also enjoy thinking outside of the box. Try jazzing up that turtleneck with a gingham scarf and a intricate denim jacket. Wear a cute, flowing skirt with a delicate newsboy-style hat. Take the time to explore and invent with these different combinations and let your accessories be the guides to achieving “preparatory” excellence .

3. Plaid

I may have just previously stated to try and veer away from the plaid, but honestly, what would fall fashion be without some plaid? A great way that you can make plaid your own is by exploring different textures and mediums of plaid versus the classic flannel shirt. There are plaid coats, scarfs, pants, etc. that you can choose from. Creating your own mixtures of plaid will distinguish your outfit from the rest and will easily be your standout piece of the season. Take the time to redefine plaid in your own Autumn fantasy.

4. Fringe

Fringe is another textural outfit I love. It’s a fun and flirtatious element to any look. Don’t be afraid to go wild with this trend and use the fringe to your advantage to create fluid motion. Add some drama to a solid color turtleneck with a fringe embellished jacket. Strut with a floor length fringed skirt with a contrasting jacket. Since fringe is such a dramatic element, even in simple application, you will be elegantly swaying and flowing in the cool breeze.

5. Victorian/Ruffles

Just to clarify, Victorian does not mean old fashioned or not trendy. There are so many unique ways to incorporate Victorian influences into your look. Pair a simple, clean ruffle shirt with a free flowing skirt. Embellish lace accents into any ensemble. Let the fine intricacies shape the overall fluidity of the outfit. Simple details like these will add an elegance and flirtatiousness to any of your outfits; daintiness and classiness at its finest.

6. Shear

Shear, shear, shear; I can’t get enough of shear. Shear coats are a wonderful statement piece for the fall that can go with any look. It adds texture and drama, but most importantly, it will keep you warm on a brisk day. Use shear to define any look that needs extra texture or contrast. Shear can also be applied for any occasion such as a party look or it can be used in a business casual look. With shear, the shear possibilities are endless.

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