“Bee” About Your Business. Queen Bees Get The Job Done…Do You Have A Plan To Succeed?

Have you ever wondered how such a vast population like a colony of bees could achieve such monumental accomplishments, for instance a beehive fit for a queen? Key word: Teamwork! Not one single bee can make an empire alone. It takes up to 80,000 individual bees to collect honey, build honeycombs, and store the honey. Each one plays a key role in the process. The worker bees forage the honey and take care of the queens and drones. The drones ensure that the lineage of queens continue. And of course, the queen plays the significant role of the colony. Without the queen, the population wouldn’t multiply and it ultimately dies. So, why not apply these principles to your own work ethics?

It’s a New Year and so many amazing milestones have happened while some major setbacks have occurred. Some of these obstacles could have been avoided if not for rigidness and stubbornness. To get anything done, egos must be eradicated from any of the proceedings. Once everyone is on the same page and they become one complete unit, then some big moves can be made. This same principle correlates with the government shutdown. If the President and Congress doesn’t compromise or come up with a consensus, the rest of the nation will suffer the consequences. Many families will have to survive without a paycheck and no way to pay their bills. Others may have to find other outlets for work to make any money. These issues will continue to escalate if the barriers between Democrats and Republicans are not broken. What happened to the days where each party worked in harmony and each had the same goal; providing the greater good for the people of America? Society has steered away from our intended goal and everything has become someone else’s private agenda. We need to think with one mind and soul and not completely alone. We need to clear our minds and not fill them with mush. We need to come together and not fall apart. Which role are you willing to play and what contributions will you bring to the community?

To achieve anything, there must be a strong leader at the helm. She is not called the queen bee for nothing. A queen bee socially represents a woman who has a dominant position in a group, but the title of a queen bee must be earned and that means going above and beyond to make a colossal difference in our society. A queen is someone that everyone can look up to and they are willing to follow. She is a prime example of a fierce individual that’s willing to stand above the crowd and take a stand. If you want to be a role model for others, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and be brave enough to take charge and follow the calling God presented to you.   One influential woman that I feel mimics a queen bee would be Michelle Obama. I always looked up to Michelle Obama because of my desire to become a lawyer. I see her as a prime example of a woman achieving wonderful things in her line of work and beyond. She did not expect to become the First Lady of The United States, but God revealed to her all the outstanding tasks she could achieve in that position. She made it very clear what goals she wanted to accomplish and did not let any obstacle stand in her way. But keep in mind, a queen bee handles her business with dignity and respect. While Michelle Obama would vehemently trust her judgement or argument in any situation, she proved her argument with poise and confidence. It’s more impressive when a woman can speak with intelligence. I recently, received Former First Lady’s new book “Becoming” and in a way I feel I’ve slowly become the strong woman I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve blossomed out of my protective cocoon and developed a sense of calling to make the world a better place.

Another important aspect to consider is while a reliable leader is essential, a cooperative team of workers is just as important. This can be a difficult step in the building process because it’s not always easy to know who will always have your back. Unfortunately, some people may leave you along the way and you will discover their true intentions. People will use you and manipulate you, while others lift you up and support you 100%. It may take some time to find your cheer team. But once you do, they’ll be forever loyal to you and never let you down. If you want to start a movement of a large magnitude, you need dedicated, valuable members to help you build the revolution from the ground up. Each member should bring something extraordinary to the table. Whether one individual has a talent for social media outreach or one is excellent at attracting new workers, it’s vital to support everyone’s role in executing the plan. While the trusted leader develops the plans, the workers can execute those plans. Some may be skeptical of your intentions for the movement, which is why having a strong following is important. Your support team knows you and the organization very well and can intelligently elevate their arguments and disputes between other parties involved. It should be easy to negotiate with your workers when there’s an underlying issue or concern. There should be a sense of flexibility whenever all other members do not agree with the given solution. The willingness to see another person’s perspective on how a situation should be handled, only makes the bond between your workers stronger. They know they can fully trust that you will listen to their ideas and not trample on them. Everyone should feel like a valued part of the group and everyone should have a voice. All opinions matter.

So, you have a leader (Queen Bee) and a willing team of workers and each work together as a team. But, now what? You can’t make a monumental decision without an effective plan in place. The greatest empires were not created out of the blue. It took many years of tedious planning to put everything together to where it made sense. When you want to start a club in your school, it’s essential to have a constructive plan on how to assemble your club. How many members do you want in your club? What faculty member(s) will oversee your club? When and where will your meetings take place? These are the questions you must ask yourself before you present your ideas to anyone. Remember, being an effective leader is all about presenting your visions with confidence, intelligence, and poise. You know your club will have to be approved by the school, so you want to make a presentable presentation that showcases clearly all the key concepts your club will consist of. Be creative and interactive with your presentation and think outside of the box. You can make a series of colorful posters that flow like a slide show or create a music video that showcases the importance for your club. Then when it’s time to present your idea, you’ll feel extra confident because you planned everything out in advance. When you are prepared, you will do a better job of presenting your plan and ideas to the decision making board for approval.

If you work diligently for what you want, you will reap the benefits. Whether you want to start a singing group or become the president of your school, you need to own your role like a queen bee. As Aretha Franklin once said, “Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing. It has much to do with your service to people. And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well.” What do you plan to do with your talents and ideas? Will you share it with the world or spend your time wishing that you tried? Keep all these tips in my mind and your ideas will be sure to come to life. “Bee” about your business!

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