Are You Dreaming of a White or Blue Hued Christmas? Better Yet, What IS Your Christmas Hue?

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Having trouble deciding your Christmas theme for this year? With 2020 presenting the world with a pandemic and a war of injustice running rampant, this Christmas and New Year will definitely be filled with hope for a better year. With that in mind, it is essential to find the right Christmas ambiance for your home. So, where do you start? Do you start by just swiftly decorating the Christmas tree without a particular idea in mind? Do you go through your Christmas stash in the garage and pull out whatever you want? The question you should be asking yourself is, what hues truly exemplify your perfect Christmas? What you don’t realize is that a lot of the color choices you make truly mesh with the theme you want to portray. Before deciding on a color scheme, it’s important to understand the relevance of these colors. This ultimately will allow you to build on a theme more effectively.

There is a reason why we continually gravitate towards certain colors during Christmas time. The classic colors of Christmas, such as red and green, encourage positive thoughts and make us excited for the holidays. While doing some research on Classic Christmas colors and what they represent, I quickly realized that the way society associates colors aligns with their original representation. According to “,” green is the color that represents “the coming of spring,” meaning that a new season of greater things is coming. Adding pops of green hued nature scenes will definitely bring an essence of new beginnings to your home. If you feel that you truly need lots of positive, greenery vibes, you can go for a rustic Christmas scene for your decor. You can add complements of plaid whether it’s in the form of plaid bowties or plaid ribbon for your Christmas tree. Think about colors and moods that give you the feeling of snuggling by the campfire. Taking this approach will bring out the vibrancy of the greenery and allow your emerald garlands and reefs to speak for themselves, giving them the natural beauty that you seek.

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Red is representative of “the blood of Jesus” reminding us of the sacrifices that have been made for us to have prosperous lives and how fortunate we are during this holiday season. While this color is symbolic of sacrifice and the blessing of life, it also is a symbol of harvest and growth. Red was used to represent “apples laden on the Paradise Tree.” This signifies that while this fruit was forbidden and dangerous, we learned from the example of Adam and Eve that we don’t need to know all the answers; evidently, Adam and Eve gained nothing from the tempting crop. This reminds us to be patient and allow ourselves time to grow/learn for the New Year. If this fiery color speaks to you the most, ponder about a Classic Christmas theme. According to Balsam Hill, this theme is an abundance of “red and green colors” which will allow you to showcase the color red along with “whimsical holiday decor.” Like the color red, your Classic Christmas scene should be filled with vitality while also leaving room for evolving creativity. Let your mind be inspired by the simple red and green pairing and reflect on how you can expand on this color combination with bold, unique holiday items. These touches can be as simple as a feature of Santa or a quirky holiday creation of your own. Truly the possibilities are endless, when you allow your imagination to roam free.

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If the last two color schemes I described were a bit too vibrant for your taste, this next hue may be the one for you. White is a “vivid representation of peace and purity.” The calming presence of white will definitely standout in its simplicity and crispness. While white can be interpreted as a more muted tone for the festive holiday, you can still achieve eye-catching contrast through a variety of textures. To achieve your winter wonderland fantasy, you can start by lightly fracking your tree. You want it to look as natural as possible like it’s freshly fallen snow, so start off gently and build off of your base slowly. Once you frack your tree to your liking, you can add other white elements to your tree, such as sparkly snowflake ornaments, to elevate your snow-covered greenery. You can also add texturized snow around your house by using stretched out cotton balls. White ribbon, bows, beads, etc. are all different variations of texture you can incorporate to make your scene more intriguing. To add an elegant ambiance to your “white” Christmas, add elements of silver, gold, and of course sparkle. This will allow your white accents to truly pop and offer beautiful contrast. You should also try to include “modern fashion-forward pieces” to your ensemble. From bedazzled stockings to silver dusted penguins, there are a numerous amount of options when it comes to featuring one-of-a-kind pieces that will make your Christmas quite the extravaganza.

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It’s not a coincidence that blue is seen as the color of royalty. According to, blue was “more expensive than gold” and “only people from the royal families used to wear blue.” This allowed the community to identify that they were important individuals. Even Mary, Jesus’ mother, was painted blue to show her significance in the community. So if you want to embrace your regal side and have Christmas in royal fashion, blue is the perfect color for you. With that in mind, royal blues and pops of gold should be the centerpiece of your theme when you begin decorating. These rich colors alone will bring your royal fantasy to life. To add unto these jewel-toned colors, start envisioning your accent pieces that will make your Christmas theme stand out. Some complementary details that would go with this theme includes fancy feathers or luxurious beads. As the designer, it is important for you to keep in mind how your accents pieces add to the overall effectiveness of the theme. If you can achieve that, then the lusciousness of the color blue will shine in your home this holiday season.

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While blue is a wonderful color choice, perhaps you are looking for a tone that is more inviting. After all, gold is the color “associated with light and Sun:” giving off the feeling of warmth in the body. Gold is a beautiful standout color to apply for the holiday season because you can achieve so many different textures with it. You can incorporate ornaments with gold sheen or ribbons in glittery gold. Whether you implement metallic, dusted, or shimmering gold, it will make your home feel even more cozy and welcoming. Plus, gold is such a flexible hue that can go with a multitude of colors. You can go with a classic silver and gold theme. You can explore the elegant Christmas theme that I described earlier. Gold is truly not limited to any theme, so there are a lot of creative themes that you can come up with utilizing gold.

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Being creative extends a lot further than the advice I’ve previously given you. These are just suggestions that you can continually evolve on to your personal liking. For instance, my mother likes the traditional Christmas tree look so I decided to utilize our second Christmas tree to create a color scheme that exemplifies my personality. I knew that I wanted to achieve a pink themed Christmas tree. I was lucky to find delicate, pink bouquets which became the guide to my personalized Christmas tree. Along with my pink flowers, I added other intricate details to give off a Victorian look. I included cream feathers, gold and brown/gold ornaments, etc. to bring my Christmas tree to the next level and you can develop your Christmas theme just as easily as I did.

Original holiday footage captured in my home
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Just like me, you can take the liberty of coming up with your own Christmas color scheme that fits best with your personality. I have seen everything from a purple themed Christmas to a rainbow-colored Christmas. Who said that there were limitations as to what your Christmas should look like? Your Christmas fantasy can be whatever you envision it to be. All you have to do is simply think about what you want your main color scheme to exude; is it warmth, cheeriness, elegance, etc.? Whatever mood you want to give off, let that be your focus color and then start thinking about what complementary colors will further elevate your theme. Once you set this baseline, the possibilities are endless as far as decor options.

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Just to recap, keep in mind these important tips before you go into the process of designing your house for Christmas. Take the time to research your intended color choice and also what that color means to you personally. Make sure you also take into account what complementary colors you want to use to give your Christmas theme dimension. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and think outside of the box as far as decorative pieces. This should be a fun and enjoyable process so don’t overthink anything. Trust in your ability to make your winter wonderland come to life and it will truly be a Merry Christmas indeed.

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